Title: For You BDYM (Black Disabled Young Men)
SoulfulMediaWorks Press
January of 2021


SoulfulMediaWorks is proud to announce the first of two new exciting projects in 2021. The first project is with the groundbreaking and Wynn Newhouse Awards nominee, Leroy F. Moore, Jr. With his book: For You BDYM (Black Disabled Young Men), Moore takes on talking about Black Disabled Men issues they face from pride, sexuality, realationships, police brutality, dance, art, music & isolation and more and VOCAL TAI CHI VOL.2 The conclusion of the trilogy… and goodbye love letter to emceeing.. featuring the single “Against The Wind”.


“SoulfulMediaWorks is a media arm of SoulTouchin’ Experiences….” SoulTouchin’ Experiences is an endeavor founded on the belief that in order to build a stronger community, there must be a heart and soul commitment to those who need assistance in order to begin caring for themselves and in turn caring for others. This is achieved through collaborative partnerships and progressive advocacy efforts, aimed at community empowerment along with systemic policy change for persons with and without disabilities on a local and national level.  SoulTouchin’ Experiences where, “Everything has a Soul…”

For You BDYM (Black Disabled Young Men) talks about Black Disabled Men issues they face from pride, sexuality, relationships, police brutality, dance, art, music & isolation and more. Guest writers: Lateef McLoud, Ottis Smith, Keith Jones, Rob Da Noize Temple and more. Release Date January of 2021 by SoulfulMediaWorks of SoulTouchin’ Experiences.


From showing our sexuality in song lyrics like Rated X, displaying our masculinity where Leroy Moore & Rob DA Noize Temple shares the reason why they collaborated on a track, Strength Of A Man shows a way how Krip-Hop Nation pays honor to Black disabled men with songs from back in the day like The Real Jim Crow, For Israel Vibrations & Water Jackson etc..  Leroy and Keith Jones wrote the song, Story Not Told: Black Disabled Boyz. Interviews includes Black disabled queer dancer, Barak adé Soleil talking about dance and Black disabled bodies to Tommy J. Curry relates to his book, Man-Not to Black disabled men to the legendary DMC of Hip-Hop group Run DMC where he talked about mental health disabilities that he put into his comic books.  Leroy Moore invites Black disabled men who are writers, activists and artists like poet/activist, Lateef McLoud, visual artist, Ottis Smith, and more to write pieces about Black disabled boys/men and so much  more.

Leroy F. Moore Jr., Founder of the Krip-Hop Nation.  Since the 1990s, Moore has been a key member of Poor Magazine that started with his own column “Illin-N-Chillin” for POOR Magazine then onto a founding member of Poor Magazine’s Homefulness and Decolonize Academy, their school. Moore is one of the founding members of National Black Disability and activist around police brutality against people with disabilities. Moore has started and helped start organizations like Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization to Sins Invalid to Krip-Hop Nation. His cultural work includes film documentary, Where Is Hope, Police Brutality Against People with Disabilities, spoken-word CDs, poetry books and children’s book, Black Disabled Art History 101 published by Xochitl Justice Press.


Leroy is one of the original creator of Poor Press of Poor Magazine that has publish his books since the late 1990’s including his graphic novel, Krip-Hop Graphic Novel Issue 1: Brown Disabled Young Woman Super Hereo Brings Disability Justice to Hip- Hop was published in 2019 and in 2020 under Poor Press Leroy also wrote Black Disabled Ancestors. Moore has traveled internationally networking with other disabled activists and artists. Moore has written, sang and collaborated to do music videos on Black disabled men.


Cover art and illustrations by Ottis Smith



Pic:  Elder Leroy looking at baby Leroy.  For You BDYM (Black Disabled Young Men)