At Krip-Hop Institute, we envision a society where all cultural expression, whether it be mainstreamed or underground, in today’s unprecedented political social unrest, be embraced for what it is. Ideally , disabled Black artists will be positively adhered to. It is critical that the present and future disabled artists, especially Black/Brown disabled cultural workers, thinkers, and writers are studied from an anthropological non-ethnocentric perspective. We need to honor those that came before us. KHI will do this through our communities both locally and internationally, all the while making the unique contribution of having a community space to gather, perform music, learn about and display the arts, exploration of political history and current environmental educational resources.


Krip-Hop Institute is a cultural, activist, and inclusive platform meeting space for the community. KHI specializes in the accurate representation of those who are marginalized, especially disabled, Black, and the intersection between the Black disabled community therein. This will be achieved both locally and internationally by having a music studio, visual art gallery, archival historical data. Ultimately, the goal of KHI is to create an international hub for disabled and non-disabled activists, artists, and researchers around the world. KHI will be where the public, educational institutions, and cultural centers can learn about Black disabled art and activism. The unique distinction here is that individuals will have access to a multimodal representation of an appropriate myriad of academic historical empirically produced  but start their own archives and organize disability events in their cultural centers like museums. It is essential that KHI be based in the Black and disabled community to be truly represented. Through adequate collaboration within the community, KHI will outreach to educational institutions in the prospects of gaining more allies establishing the institute’s much needed materials. Examples include but are not limited to, the acquisition of hard to find books, scholarly articles, as well as specific types of art. 


KHI at its core is about equity and opportunity. Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

1) Use politically correct language.

2) Not to put down other minorities.

3) Use our talents to advocate and teach not only about ourselves but about the system we live under as it pertains to being a person of color in conjunction with having a disability.

4) Challenge mainstream & all media on ways they frame disability.

5) Increase voices that are missing from within and in the popular culture.

6) Recognizing our disabled ancestors, knowing that we are building on what they left us and nothing is new just borrowed.

7) To increase disability solidarity and collaboration around the world.

8) Help to increase the visibility in Black museums, cultural centers of Black disability art, music and historical involvement in artistic/activism of the times.

9) The Disability Justice’s twn principles

10) Be a space for the Black community to gain disability/Krip-Hop political education, cultural expression, activism while understanding the historical importance of Black disabled individuals at various different time periods in history.




Krip-Hop Nation/MWD’s Key Players/Working Committee